LAVA Mobiles: Product launch and driving sales through digital activation

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LAVA Mobiles: Product launch and driving sales through digital activation

Developed By Istrat      Developed By Istrat      

LAVA is on an ambitious journey of empowering every human with quality innovative products at an affordable price. At the pinnacle of this journey, LAVA aims to become one of the strongest brands in the Telecom sector. This feat, although not an easy one, begins with offering the customers a unique product unmatched by any other player in the industry. As a brand, Lava understands the importance of constantly engaging with the TG. And that’s where we come in!

The LAVA eTab Z7H is a unique product; a feature rich android ICS tablet at an unbeatable price. It was our duty, as Lava’s digital partners, to communicate the product’s USPs effectively and consistently. For the launch of Lava eTab Z7H, iStrat executed an extensive media campaign across Facebook, Google, Techtree, & Buzzcity.

Let’s look at some numbers. 16 million impressions served resulting in campaign over delivery of 50% of what 16 million impressions were served across digital properties, resulting in over achievement of targets by over 50%. We were able to not just achieve the site traffic targets, but we over achieved it by 23%, and lastly, more than 1.3 lakh fans are on facebook, engaging and actively participating with the brand!

We were also entrusted with the task of managing and engaging their Facebook community, which saw us launching a mega contest for all the Lava fans. 870 entries, 3 winners and hundreds of comments, likes and shares later, the ‘Lava Wish to Win’ contest has become a benchmark for community engaging activities.


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Social Media – The Week That Was

by Shveta Singh3. July 2009 12:34       Bookmark and Share

What made news in the social media circles last week. Here’s a snapshot:

YouTube doubles upload limit to 2GB

YouTube announced this week that it would be increasing the maximum upload limit from 1GB to 2GB. This upgrade was revealed along with tips for sharing and embedding HD videos.  The upgrade is targeted at users focusing on HD video uploads.

Bing builds Twitter results into its search

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has now begun including the latest tweets of popular Twitter users in its search results. As of now, this new feature is available only for a few thousand Twitter accounts based on their number of followers and the volume of tweets they produce. Ashton Kutcher is one of them. 

Facebook gaining ground in Orkut dominated countries

Facebook of late is making inroads in Brazil and India -- countries where Google-owned Orkut is the leading social media property. The number of Facebook users in the two countries has doubled in the last two months, while Orkut has seen a relative slowdown in activity.

Kosmix goes beyond Google ‘Search’; it lets you ‘Explore’

by Shveta Singh16. March 2009 07:23       Bookmark and Share

Here comes Kosmix.


That’s the news doing rounds everywhere on the World Wide Web and even outside the web.


So what is Kosmix?


Kosmix is a newest kid on the search block. However, it would be wrong to call it just another search engine. Founded by Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman, Kosmix is not a traditional search engine. In words of Chris Shipley, from the consulting firm Guidewire, “It is Wikipedia meets Google search meets”. In short, it’s a well-crafted magazine on topics searched. 


Unlike Google, Kosmix is not about finding the most relevant single piece of information; it's about organizing the Web so that one can discover relevant pieces of information. Infact, Kosmix gathers content from across the Web to build a sort of multimedia encyclopaedia entry for any keyword.


We did our own bit of research to test Kosmix. Here are the takeaways:

  • Kosmix has a pleasant user interface. It shows text, images and videos in a magazine style layout.
  • The results are a mix of web search results, blogs, news, videos, images, audios, conversations, tweets, community results, reviews, how-tos, shopping results and other related topics.  
  • It might not be as effective for long tail keywords where one is looking for a specific document, as it is for topics where one would want to browse information.
  • The time Kosmix takes to throw back relevant results is much higher than Google. This is an area where improvement is required.

We did a simultaneous search on Kosmix and Google for the term Food Pyramid. Here’s a snapshot of how different the results looked.


All in all, pretty impressive. Let’s see how well it is accepted by the loyal Google users. 

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