iStrat Annual Business Conference — A Great Beginning To Year 2009

by Shveta Singh23. February 2009 10:52       Bookmark and Share

Here’s how we started the year with a bang.

iStrat is witnessing phenomenal growth as Digital Media is canning out to be the Medium of Choice. This is the time, when companies like ours have to evolve into larger organisations with competent people. People who work in a well defined way, where innovation is way of life. “A la Google or Apple”. Thinking on these lines, we decided to organise the Annual Business Conference and start the year with clear objectives for everyone in the organisation. 

To step up the ladder, we thought it would help if the conference provided a forum where team iStrat could interact directly with the clients and get an open feedback for delivering the best Innovative work and improving timelines. 

The triple Bottom line was -

  • Make clients enthusiastic                                         
  • Charge Up people to face more and more challenges                                       
  • Attain sustainable profitable growth  

So, we all geared up and started with selection of venue. Finally we zeroed in on India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road for 17th January, 2009. Surprise Surprise!!!  Here is what it had in store for us ….loads of anxiety. Presentations, Pick and Drop Arrangements, Agenda, Menu, Dress Code …so much to do in such little time. But somehow we managed to pull it off within a week’s time. 

Finally, the D-Day arrived. It was pretty cold and we all assembled at 9:30am to attend iStrat’s first Annual Business Conference.  As the day progressed, enthusiasm and excitement levels rose. Later in the day, the forum was addressed by industry experts from companies like Nestle, CII, Alpha G Corp, Maruti, and Dominos. This industry interface helped the team get an idea of client expectations. All these informative sessions were combined with yum food, cookies and coffee that refreshed everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Session ended with a Group Photograph of the COMMITTED TEAM iStrat in the beautiful gardens of India Habitat Centre and a pledge that we will go out of way to deliver quality services to our clients. Clear VISION/ EXPECTATIONS/ NEW PROCESSES/ SYSTEMS are hovering on everyone’s mind now and we are working towards achievement of our business objectives.


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