Medela: Brand Awareness and Massive Visibility through Digital Campaigns

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Medela: Brand Awareness and Massive Visibility through Digital Campaigns

Developed By Istrat      Developed By Istrat      

Global producer of breast pumps and post-natal supplies, Medela appointed iStrat as their digital marketing partners. Their objective in India was simple, Brand Awareness. In a market where typically a mother walks into her nearest baby store and picks a product within reach, they wanted to become the asked-for brand for post-natal supplies.

An extensive 6 month media campaign was launched to aggressively promote Medela on digital properties across India. iStrat developed, what is currently, Medela’s digital communication and launched the brand's awareness campaign on a targeted group of sites and online communities frequented by women.

The average online user is fast reaching a stage of ‘ad overload’ and it was ever more important for Medela’s campaign to focus on targeting the right group at the right time with highly effective ads.

Our strategy had us venturing into relevant digital properties like IndiaParenting and iDiva for maximized results, while also utilizing the extensive network at our disposal through the Google ad network. This carefully crafted campaign has yielded us results that have far surpassed our goals. The campaign has rewarded Medela with astounding visibility and reach among the target audience. A key indicator of the campaign’s success has also been the consumer details captured through our lead management system, resulting in a permanent database for Medela’s future marketing


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Social Media Marketing Spending Set to Increase — Recession; What’s That?

by Shveta Singh24. March 2009 04:42       Bookmark and Share

Here’s something to cheer about in a recession hit economy. 

A new report by Forrester called “Social Media Playtime Is Over", indicates that companies are optimistic about the role of social media marketing in the face of recession. Over half (53%) of the 145 interactive marketing professionals surveyed intend to increase their social media marketing budgets. Only 5% of the respondents plan to decrease the spending.


The report goes on to reveal that the fastest growing categories in the social media bouquet are social networking, blogging and user generated content. The general opinion is that these are relatively inexpensive and more effective tactics to communicate marketing messages.  

Another interesting, but not so heartening revelation is that three fourth of the marketers surveyed are spending a miniscule $100,000 or less per year on social media. And, social media is not an integrated part of their overall marketing strategies. They are just experimenting with social media tactics in isolation.  

This report strengthens our already firm belief that Social Media Marketing is the way to goHowever, what needs to be kept in mind is that social media can’t be looked at in isolation. It has to be in synergy with a company’s overall marketing strategy. Only a focussed, consistent social media approach can deliver measurable results in the long run.


Which digital marketing tactics will dominate 2009?

by Shveta Singh3. March 2009 07:13       Bookmark and Share

Economic slowdown, shrinking marketing budgets and shifting focus from traditional to digital marketing…much has already been said and written about this. However, what remains unaddressed is — which tactics and channels in digital media are drawing the maximum interest? Is the focus still on the tried and tested tactics such as SEO, PPC or is it shifting? 



TopRank Online Marketing, a leading global internet marketing company, recently conducted a poll to discover their blog readers’ preferences for digital marketing tactics in 2009. The question that was asked was, “What 3 digital marketing channels & tactics will you emphasize in 2009?

Here are the results of the poll showing top ten tactics:

  • Blogging (34%)
  • Microblogging (Twitter) (29%)
  • Search engine optimization (28%)
  • Social network participation (Facebook, LinkedIn) (26%)
  • Email marketing (17%)
  • Social media monitoring & outreach (17%)
  • Pay per click (14%)
  • Blogger relations (12%)
  • Video marketing (10%)
  • Social media advertising (7%)

Interestingly, out of the top 10 tactics, 6 fall into the category of Social Media Marketing. In addition to this, blogging and twitter have toppled the erstwhile ruler SEO.


The respondents primarily came from United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, still this poll looks like a good indicator of shifting preferences globally. Being the industry leaders in the Indian digital marketing space, we know that this trend holds good for India as well. From big corporate houses to start-ups, everyone wants to go the social media way.

All we can say is — Way to go…

Social Networking in India Sees a Phenomenal Growth

by Shveta Singh24. February 2009 03:21       Bookmark and Share

Indians love Orkut but Facebook is soon catching up. We all knew it…now it is official. 

A recently released report by comScore on top social networking sites in India, suggests that Orkut is the most visited social networking site in India, as of December 2008. The site has more than 12.8 million visitors, and has seen an increase of 81 percent vis-à-vis the previous year. Now if you think 81% is phenomenal, read further. Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, is at the number 2 spot with 4 million visitors from India. However, the growth Facebook has seen dwarfs even Orkut.  At 150% growth, Facebook is likely to catch up with Orkut very soon.  

One very interesting revelation made in the report is the visitor base of It is the 3rd most popular networking site with 3.3 million visitors (up by 88 percent). SurprisedOn the other hand the much advertised and publicized and are not fairing too well. Looks like the initial spurt of activity triggered by the massive scale media activity has now fizzled out.  

Some of the other figures given in the report indicate an overall increase of 51% in the number of unique visitors to the social networking sites in India. The number stands at 19 million visitors as of December 2008…an extraordinary 60% of the total Indian internet traffic!!

Take a look at the table below for details: 

Top Social Networking Sites in India by Unique Visitors December 2008 vs. December 2007

Total India – Age 15+, Home/Work Locations

*Source: comScore World Metrix

    Total Unique Visitors (000)
Dec-07 Dec-08 % Change
Total Internet : Total Audience 26,240 32,099 22
Social Networking 12,795 19,369 51
Orkut 7,123 12,869 81 1,619 4,044 150 1,736 3,269 88 714 2,012 182
ibibo.Com 1,970 990 -50
MySpace Sites 352 741 110 293 513 75 2,106 433 -79 515 385 -25 256 248 -3

 *Excludes visits from public computers such as Internet cafes and access from mobile phones or PDAs.     

iStrat Annual Business Conference — A Great Beginning To Year 2009

by Shveta Singh23. February 2009 10:52       Bookmark and Share

Here’s how we started the year with a bang.

iStrat is witnessing phenomenal growth as Digital Media is canning out to be the Medium of Choice. This is the time, when companies like ours have to evolve into larger organisations with competent people. People who work in a well defined way, where innovation is way of life. “A la Google or Apple”. Thinking on these lines, we decided to organise the Annual Business Conference and start the year with clear objectives for everyone in the organisation. 

To step up the ladder, we thought it would help if the conference provided a forum where team iStrat could interact directly with the clients and get an open feedback for delivering the best Innovative work and improving timelines. 

The triple Bottom line was -

  • Make clients enthusiastic                                         
  • Charge Up people to face more and more challenges                                       
  • Attain sustainable profitable growth  

So, we all geared up and started with selection of venue. Finally we zeroed in on India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road for 17th January, 2009. Surprise Surprise!!!  Here is what it had in store for us ….loads of anxiety. Presentations, Pick and Drop Arrangements, Agenda, Menu, Dress Code …so much to do in such little time. But somehow we managed to pull it off within a week’s time. 

Finally, the D-Day arrived. It was pretty cold and we all assembled at 9:30am to attend iStrat’s first Annual Business Conference.  As the day progressed, enthusiasm and excitement levels rose. Later in the day, the forum was addressed by industry experts from companies like Nestle, CII, Alpha G Corp, Maruti, and Dominos. This industry interface helped the team get an idea of client expectations. All these informative sessions were combined with yum food, cookies and coffee that refreshed everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Session ended with a Group Photograph of the COMMITTED TEAM iStrat in the beautiful gardens of India Habitat Centre and a pledge that we will go out of way to deliver quality services to our clients. Clear VISION/ EXPECTATIONS/ NEW PROCESSES/ SYSTEMS are hovering on everyone’s mind now and we are working towards achievement of our business objectives.


L. K. Advani goes the Obama way — Omnipresent Online

by Shveta Singh17. February 2009 11:10       Bookmark and Share


The online bug has finally bitten Indian politicians, all thanks to the resounding success of the Obama online campaign. Surprisingly, the first adopter is not from the young leader brigade led by Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot, but the 81 years old Prime Ministerial hopeful — Mr. L. K. Advani.


Mr. Advani’s campaign team has launched a 360 degree online campaign in order to reposition Brand Advani as ‘The Leader’ for the young generation. Having started with a Web 2.0 Website and Blog, his campaign is now leveraging YouTube, Facebook, Orkut and Google Adsense to reach out to the young voter.



Impressive in terms of the scope of activity and tactics being experimented with. However, what remains to be seen is whether he can pull it off the way Obama managed. Just to bring all on board…

· On Facebook, President Obama has more than 5.4 million supporters and 570,000 plus wall posts.
· Obama’s YouTube address garnered nearly a million views.
· On Twitter, Obama sent out more than 260 Tweets to 144,000 "followers”, updating supporters on his whereabouts.
· The “My Barack Obama” community beautifully used online tools to organise offline activities and generate donations.
· All in all, Obama managed to raise $600 million from 3 million people, mainly through small contributions made online.

Coming back to the Advani Campaign. It is definitely ambitious but has had mixed results: 

· His Google Adwords campaign targeting and image ads are bang on. 
· His website is buzzing with activity. Pretty interactive with blogs, online volunteer form and discussion forum having more than 5000 posts. It has achieved an   impressive Alexa ranking of 474 and page rank 4 in just 1 year of its existence. 
· His Blog has well written posts, albeit infrequent. The last post is dated February 1st.
· His Facebook page has only 140 supporters and not much activity happening.  Whereas on Orkut, this number is 531. 
· On YouTube his channel has 191 videos and 82 subscribers as of now.

Overall, the mix of tactics is good, but the execution could have been better. His blog could do a lot better with higher post frequency and daily updates. Similarly, he would have engaged far more number of people on Facebook and Orkut, with interesting applications that let youth participate. For example – My expectations from the next Prime Minister?


Nevertheless, a great beginning. Hope to see many more Indian politicians engaging with their voters in the near future.


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