A glimpse of Google+ Project

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The Big news in the internet industry is that Google is launching a brand new social platform called “Google +”.  Besides having Facebook as the first option for social networking, “Google +” brings about a new dimension, filling in the space for #2.  Google plus project is a conglomeration of social networking tools and not limited to only Google+1 button by which you can like, share or add sites to your Google profile.  If you look historically, the Google search engine itself, Google Docs, Buzz and a variety of other products originated elsewhere but Google made it faster and (in some cases) better.  The PLUS project seems to follow this trend.

A glimpse of Google+ Project

In extension to Google profile and Google buzz, Google has launched this real time interaction tool for web & mobile where you and your friends can share videos, photos, upload in real-time and have loads of interesting conversations.


Istrat - Google+1



Google Circle: This has a unique graphic interface to slot friends in various groups like friends, family, geeks, coworkers etc.


Google Spark: Acts as an information hub for interesting new Web pages related to your interests. The content shared may be articles, videos etc. Simply add your interests, and you'll always have something to watch, read and share.


Google Hangout: Video conferencing application with a limit of 10 participants. Hangouts are created by one person, but everyone in the hangout shares the ability to invite others. It is a method of combining a casual meet up with live multi-person video.


Google Huddle: Somewhat like an IM chat feature for groups. You can add your location to all your posts, share photos from your phone's camera album immediately after they're created and chat with your friends as well.


Google Mobile: Upload content, pictures and videos instantly


Google is well on their way towards releasing an API for their social platform. Once released, it will open Google Plus to the world of social media apps and other additions.

Reactions in people

People are still thinking about the failure of Google buzz and may not take this as seriously. For those who are looking for options other than Facebook are happier at the moment as they found an alternative to go with. SEO teams are afraid of whether links shared there will be counted as back links or not. Some assume Google+ can be safer & more private than Facebook. On another side people are hesitating to give all their private information to Google. In short, we can say that Google + is a spamless & clutterless structure compared to Facebook just by having a more secure sharing platform. Will web marketing strategies everywhere be altered to include the new kid on the block? Only time will tell…



Webby Awards 2009 announced. And the Webby goes to…Twitter

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Twitter, the micro-blogging phenomenon, has won the prestigious Webby Breakout of the Year Award this year. This award, according to many, will help catapult Twitter into the big league, considering the fact that the previous winners of this award were the likes of YouTube, MySpace, and Flickr.  

Just 3 years old, Twitter has grown by 900% last year, and has managed to draw many a celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher and President Obama to its list of evangelists. The official Webby website goes on to call Twitter “the ultimate embodiment of the democratic spirit of the Web”, because of the level playing field it offers to one and all. 

Very well deserved we must say! 

Some of the other notable winners from the social media space include the photo-sharing site Flickr for the online community award, YouTube LIVE for online event, Digg for social networking and Pasricha's blog 1000awesomethings.com for Personal/Cultural blog category. 

In news category, NYTimes.com won the Webby for best writing and practices, whereas The Guardian was awarded the title of Best Newspaper site. Further, BBC won the webby for best news site category. 

This year the Webby Awards received almost 10,000 entries from more than 60 countries, including India. However, India’s presence in the final list is hardly anything to talk about. The two Indian mentions we could find in the “Honoree List” are the Jaago Re website and the mobile site of Moneycontrol.com.  

Hope to see some awards coming India’s way next year.

Social Media Marketing Spending Set to Increase — Recession; What’s That?

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Here’s something to cheer about in a recession hit economy. 

A new report by Forrester called “Social Media Playtime Is Over", indicates that companies are optimistic about the role of social media marketing in the face of recession. Over half (53%) of the 145 interactive marketing professionals surveyed intend to increase their social media marketing budgets. Only 5% of the respondents plan to decrease the spending.


The report goes on to reveal that the fastest growing categories in the social media bouquet are social networking, blogging and user generated content. The general opinion is that these are relatively inexpensive and more effective tactics to communicate marketing messages.  

Another interesting, but not so heartening revelation is that three fourth of the marketers surveyed are spending a miniscule $100,000 or less per year on social media. And, social media is not an integrated part of their overall marketing strategies. They are just experimenting with social media tactics in isolation.  

This report strengthens our already firm belief that Social Media Marketing is the way to goHowever, what needs to be kept in mind is that social media can’t be looked at in isolation. It has to be in synergy with a company’s overall marketing strategy. Only a focussed, consistent social media approach can deliver measurable results in the long run.


Social Networking in India Sees a Phenomenal Growth

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Indians love Orkut but Facebook is soon catching up. We all knew it…now it is official. 

A recently released report by comScore on top social networking sites in India, suggests that Orkut is the most visited social networking site in India, as of December 2008. The site has more than 12.8 million visitors, and has seen an increase of 81 percent vis-à-vis the previous year. Now if you think 81% is phenomenal, read further. Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, is at the number 2 spot with 4 million visitors from India. However, the growth Facebook has seen dwarfs even Orkut.  At 150% growth, Facebook is likely to catch up with Orkut very soon.  

One very interesting revelation made in the report is the visitor base of Bharatstudent.com. It is the 3rd most popular networking site with 3.3 million visitors (up by 88 percent). SurprisedOn the other hand the much advertised and publicized ibibo.com and BIGADDA.com are not fairing too well. Looks like the initial spurt of activity triggered by the massive scale media activity has now fizzled out.  

Some of the other figures given in the report indicate an overall increase of 51% in the number of unique visitors to the social networking sites in India. The number stands at 19 million visitors as of December 2008…an extraordinary 60% of the total Indian internet traffic!!

Take a look at the table below for details: 

Top Social Networking Sites in India by Unique Visitors December 2008 vs. December 2007

Total India – Age 15+, Home/Work Locations

*Source: comScore World Metrix

    Total Unique Visitors (000)
Dec-07 Dec-08 % Change
Total Internet : Total Audience 26,240 32,099 22
Social Networking 12,795 19,369 51
Orkut 7,123 12,869 81
Facebook.com 1,619 4,044 150
Bharatstudent.com 1,736 3,269 88
hi5.com 714 2,012 182
ibibo.Com 1,970 990 -50
MySpace Sites 352 741 110
LinkedIn.com 293 513 75
PerfSpot.com 2,106 433 -79
BIGADDA.com 515 385 -25
Fropper.com 256 248 -3

 *Excludes visits from public computers such as Internet cafes and access from mobile phones or PDAs.     

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