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I was sitting with my son and teaching him a chapter in geography on "Our Changing Environment", Changes that our Planet earth is witnessing over a period of time. How Earthquakes are caused by shifting plates in the crust of the Earth. While this phenomenon happens only once in a while, it causes significant damage. I couldn’t help relate this to my professional space. How Digital Communication as a medium is always in the realm of earth shattering changes. The new undisputed digital communication channel on the Block and Agenda No.1 amongst all Marketers is FACEBOOK.

At iStrat we are busy crafting meaningful social media strategies for our clients. Some Must Do's for everyone who is contemplating getting on this channel:

What is your objective:
Your intent could be outreach, communicating with your target audience updating them with your new offers, products, Television commercial et al. Facebook also is an excellent platform to listen to what customers have to say about you. In fact a lot of marketers are sifting through Social media channels to get first hand feedback on product or service experience. Or your Facebook Page could be about bringing your fans together and allowing them to hang out and converge and just talk about how great your brand is. You must identify your objective since this will help you plan your posts and integrate facebook applications.


Communication Plan:
Facebook is about frequent conversations with your fans. That surely means it cannot always be a Me or an I (as in just talking about your brand). You should align contextually with some kind of value added content. For example if you are a Car Manufacturer amongst some of your own posts you can have updates on Music to Suit your Drive, Quotes On leadership to get you through the day. Including interesting applications that will engage the user, are simple intuitive and are designed within Facebook Specifications. You have to have a dedicated monthly plan and what will you communicate on Facebook.


You need a dedicated team to manage this initiative for you, team that includes Content Writers, Graphic Designers and Online marketing experts. Internally, it's important to have identified Subject Champions, that allow immediate attention to any comment or post that needs attention. A well designed escalation tree. The criticality of the needs to be understood by the Senior management. In fact on most of our accounts we have access escalation process defined up to the CEO or CMO.


Content Update Plan:
After having everything in place, the last thing you want is for users to land on your facebook page and leave immediately. Marketing your company on facebook is a process not a time plan. Here, engagement is the key. To maintain the interest of people we need to talk about what interests them, which is never the same everyday. So, to make them stay on your page and comeback often, a well defined content update plan is the key.

Facebook settings allow you to control how your fans will interact with your page. You can limit them to comment only on your post or allow them to start a post, update a picture video or more. Basis what your fan page settings are you will have to define a team that will moderate FGC (Fan generated Content). An ideal way to moderate a post is by defining a scenario and then preparing predefined templates to respond to your fans. Also your House rules will help you define what is Off-Topic.

Promoting your Facebook Page:
Given a choice today, how do you wish to be updated? AHHH! Yes on Facebook. Have you thought why?, Because you have limited time in a day and with the News Feed you get updates across your friends, family and Now even Brands you Like. In fact even if a Fan comments on your post a few days later, the posts re-enters the NewsFeed for all to see. So make sure you as a Marketer leverage this. Include cool Facebook Widgets. Include the LIKE widget on all your Marketing communications; make sure your ads, TVC, newsletters, In-store Collaterals, Products include your facebook Page. You will be surprised to see how your Customers first ‘Like’ you to then blatantly dislike you with Comments!!!! That was just a PJ to leave this post with a smile :)

Cheers for now!


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