Is Twitter right for your business?

by Gayatri Sriram3. February 2012 05:09       Bookmark and Share

Facebook has long held all the cards in the social game, and businesses of all sizes have, at some point or another, utilised this magical medium that instantly connects one with millions of users.

But how many companies are effectively utilizing Twitter in their digital marketing strategy?

The 100 million active Twitter users today might pale in front of the more impressive 800 million active users on Facebook, but Twitter is one treasure trove of superior marketing potential. Done right, Twitter provides an easier way of reaching out to a niche population. A user base that is just right for your business. Whether it is a clothing line, software solutions provider or a dog breeding company, there's a Twitter strategy for all.

5 Things to get you started on Twitter

Twitter Handle: This one is a no brainer. Decide on something that is consistent with your brand. If befitting, brands can benefit from working in a person’s name into the handle; @Varunatcompany. Check out how @Kohler displays their company tweeters.

Promote your brand on Twitter

Bio:  Twitter allows you 20 extra characters for your bio and we suggest you really use them. Keep it relevant to your brand and what it does. Over 1.6 billion searches are made on twitter every day, establish what it is that your customers are looking for and use those keywords in your bio.

Profile Pic: It is important for your profile pic to reflect your brand. If you’ve used your own name for the handle, go ahead and put up a warm, smiling picture of yourself. Company logo is also commonly used; make sure to reduce it down to a smaller size allowing a nice bigger picture to pop up should someone click on it.

Profile Skin: Twitter skin is a great branding tool for businesses and the opportunities are limitless! Your background is the first thing that pops out when someone visits your profile, be creative, be memorable and use this opportunity to reposition your brand in the online space.

Tracking Tools : Establish clear metrics to measure your engagement on Twitter. There are a variety of superior tools available; Topsy, Tweet Analyzer and Klout are some that are reigning supreme in the twit sphere. Twitter’s own search tool is pretty darn good too.

All the above tips follow one common purpose; Branding. Brand your twitter page, be memorable, and position yourself as an interesting, social brand.

Also remember, nothing says amateur like an incomplete twitter profile!

Stay tuned for our next segment – Promote your brand on Twitter.


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8/19/2011 1:17:52 PM #


An informative article, this one. "nothing says amateur like an incomplete twitter profile". true, that.

Neha India

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